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Double Action Build Not Working Bug

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Posted by Saavedra 2009-05-30 17:42:06 GMT

I see there is an earlier thread about double action builds not working, and I see you say you fixed it in January, however whenever I select two cards at the same time it limits my action by the card I play, based on the first card. For example, if my first of the 2 cards is a coal mine, it will only let me play coal mines. I'm sure this is not the way the rules intended since they say, "In effect you have wasted one of your actions to change one of your cards into the Location card of your choosing." Also, I'm not sure if the website will let you use such an action to overbuild, which should be allowed if the relevant track is empty and there's no cubes on the board.

It's funny that I've never used it before but now I need to do it in 3 games at once. Anyway, thanks for making such a great implementation!

Posted by Saavedra 2009-05-30 17:43:32 GMT

nevermind, I didn't realize double-action build is a different option in the drop-down list. Thanks!

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