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White color

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Posted by Tub This user is a translator. 2009-05-26 12:09:32 GMT

Hi Hammerite !

After a few games with the white color, I think it is not a very good choice mainly because it can be easily mistaken with an unbuilt location. Generaly speaking, it is not very "readable" on the board.

Could you do something about this ?
I know that blue is already used as a "always blue whatever your color is" but it would have been great as a 5th color... Perhaps exchange the white with the blue ? Or with the black, used for downsizing (which shouldn't be used that often anyway) ?


Posted by greg909 2009-05-26 14:40:48 GMT

I agree with Tub's statement, apart the fact I'd like blue to remain as the color used by default in games to make things clearer. Black isn't a bad option, but already used for orphan tiles...

As long as the 5 players variant hasn't been implemented, the handiest solution would be to disable access to white color.

Anyway, thanks for the great job done!

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-05-27 11:22:33 GMT

I agree that the white colour is too difficult to distinguish from the unbuilt spaces; I am aiming to do something about this soon. I may just do a straight swap and have white be the "orphan" colour and black be the colour used instead of white, or I may do something else.

Posted by Tub This user is a translator. 2009-05-30 16:18:23 GMT

Grey is nice. A lot better than White.
Thanks Hammerite !

Posted by renegade 2009-05-31 14:41:54 GMT

Well, I wouldn't call grey "nice". I was randomly assigned grey in the tournament game. IMHO, I don't see any reason to introduce grey as a randomly assigned color in games with less than 5 players.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-05-31 15:15:44 GMT

Maybe not. But is there any particular reason why not to use it as well as red, yellow, green or purple? There might be users who dislike some of those colours too. As it is, the program tries to identify favourite colours and assign players to their favourite colours (although it's not very sophisticated).

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