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[Game 2436] Stuck with my first move

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Posted by Shlurg 2009-05-19 16:07:27 GMT


here is the game:

this is my very first move of the game. I want to build a Cotton Mill in Macclefiedl, with the card Cotton Mill.
System tolds me it's ok, but it's sill my turn and nothing happened.

I even tried to build a port with a city card, it doesn't work...

(for info, I played 2 games before without any problem)

Thanks !

Posted by Shlurg 2009-05-19 16:14:01 GMT

This bugs looks like this one:

but still stuck for me ;)

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-05-19 17:25:12 GMT

This is hopefully fixed now, please try taking your move again.

Posted by Shlurg 2009-05-19 17:49:42 GMT

Thanks a lot, this works fine now ;)

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