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(Lack of) etiquette?

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Posted by Johan 2009-03-19 18:09:15 GMT

Sorry that this turned out a bit long, but: Are there any guidelines for online etiquette when playing games on the site? In one of the games I?m playing in I am finding that people don?t seem to use common courtesy to the extent I would expect. To summarise some of the issues I?ve seen:

* I made a move last Friday and was unavailable for the weekend. On Sunday morning I had received two mails where people had tried to kick me from the game. (I normally try to be prompt with my moves).

* When the vote to kick me failed (perhaps due to the third player), there was a vote to abort the game (which also failed).

* Today, one of the players decided to quit the game. Looking at his profile, he had quit several games apparently at the same time. Fair enough, there might be a reason for this - perhaps he was also unhappy about the kicking/aborting attempts.

* After the player left a replacement player asked to join, which was accepted. However, shortly after, someone again voted to kick off the new player, followed by another vote to abort the game when this failed.

Now, this is only the third game I?m playing on the site, but I have to ask if this is normal? Again, going back to my expectations ? I would expect that people generally finish playing the games they join. Of course this might not always be possible for whatever reason. However, is it too much to ask that the player in that case chooses to quit the game (opening up for a replacement/downsizing) instead of ruining the game for everyone else by trying to kick people off and when that doesn?t work try to abort the game? Sorry if I come across as a grumpy old man, but I find that a good game is being soured by this type of experience. If this is normal behaviour, perhaps it would be useful to show who has initiated the vote to kick/abort ? IMHO this is really abuse of the kicking/aborting functionality.

Hmm, and as I?m typing, I just got another mail that there is yet again an attempt to abort the game, and looking at the game there is another attempt to kick the new player... Maybe I should just give up and keep to playing with people I know in real life.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-03-20 11:31:43 GMT

This doesn't sound normal, I think most games go to completion with less disruption than this.

Bear in mind that if someone initiates a vote to abort the game, you don't have to vote "no" in order to prevent it. Since aborting the game requires all of the players to vote in favour, if you just don't vote then it won't happen. If another player wants to make a point then he can, as it stands, keep generating emails by starting the vote and then cancelling it repeatedly, but that is all he can do.

Some games do seem to break down when they stall and one or more players decide to quit close to at the same time. I have been taking the approach of just deleting these games when I notice that they are there. Once I start working on the site again I think that's one of the things I'd most like to improve.

Out of curiosity, which game is it?

Posted by Johan 2009-03-20 12:45:46 GMT

Thanks for the confirmation that this isn't normal (and by the way, thanks for making a good game available). :)

The game name is 'Brassed off'. Oh, and I noticed something else that seemed a bit strange: When there was a vote to kick and abort at the same time, it appeared as if I had voted to kick the player (which I hadn't) but when clicking the button to change 'my vote' (in quotes as I hadn't voted in the first place) I got a message that the vote was no longer valid or something to that effect.

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