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I will be mostly neglecting to use or develop this site for a little while

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Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-03-15 14:45:34 GMT

I've been tremendously pleased with how popular this site seems to have become. When I originally opened it, my idea of what it would mean for it to be "doing well" was that it might get a few dozen users playing in a handful of games between them. As it turns out there are about 170 games going on right now (down from a peak of about 200 a few weeks ago), and more than 300 users who've played games. It's very gratifying. Of course, it has been a double-edged sword, because with so many users testing the site and finding its bugs and noting its deficiencies, there are lots of things that I've been asked to improve about it (or have taken it upon myself to fix or improve). I do have a day job, I'm in my first year of studying for a PhD, and due to all the attention I've been giving the site I think this has been suffering a little because I haven't put the kind of focus on my studying that I would like.

For this reason, and because I think the site is now very stable, is mostly free of bugs and has essentially the core feature set I would like it to have, I am going to take some time off of working on it for a few weeks in order to get back to what I'm really supposed to be dedicating my time to. I am playing in about 10-15 games at the moment; I will finish playing in these games, I will check for my moves a couple of times a day, but I'm not going to join any more games in the next few weeks. I will still glance over the two discussion boards once a day to make sure that there are no pressing problems needing my attention. Of course I can also be contacted using the email contact function built into the website. Hopefully in a month or so I will feel reassured about my status with regards to my university course, and I will then (refreshed and reinvigorated, one hopes) start joining games here and there and maybe working on extra things for the site again. Until then,

Posted by Caradog 2009-03-16 18:09:58 GMT

Thanks very much for the time and effort you've spent putting this site together, it's very much appreciated

Posted by Talltim 2009-03-16 19:49:48 GMT

Yes, thanks for setting up this wonderful website. Good luck with your studies.

Posted by snoozefest 2009-03-18 18:01:13 GMT

Ditto -- thank you very much for all the work you've put in; we're all enjoying it greatly!

Good luck with the PhD work!

Posted by Golux13 2009-03-18 18:46:24 GMT

I dunno, man, it seems awfully selfish of you to start focusing on your academic work and your PhD study and that sort of thing when there is game site development to be done to satisfy your users.


Good luck to you and thanks for doing this.

Posted by renegade 2009-03-28 06:24:57 GMT

Hammerite, it seems like you may have been making some changes recently. Please let us know what new features you have added. Thanks!

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-03-28 13:03:46 GMT

I haven't added any new features, rather I've been making little tinkering changes in order to more easily add certain new features in the future (when I've more time to spend on the site). Ideally nothing wuld have been noticeable, but I tend to get things wrong and have to fix them whenever I change stuff, so it was noticeable...

But no new features just at present.

Posted by Karin 2009-03-30 16:43:31 GMT

Good luck to you, Hammerite, and thanks for this website!

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