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Score prediction

This thread is open.

Posted by Golux13 2009-03-11 16:23:22 GMT

Philip, do you think you could make it clearer somewhere that the score prediction ("none flip/all flip") counts your current cash as part of your predicted score? I was not aware of that until I just finished a game where I had calculated I would win by a point and instead lost by three. I thought the VP prediction was only for points on the board.


Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-03-11 16:37:49 GMT

I would, but I'm not sure where to squeeze it in without increasing the size of the status boxes or making them look untidy. By the way, if you do not like this behaviour, it can be turned off using the options on your User Details page.

Posted by Golux13 2009-03-11 17:50:18 GMT

No, it just confused me a bit. Now that I know, it shouldn't be an issue at all.

Posted by Tub This user is a translator. 2009-03-12 10:41:31 GMT

Why not display something like that :
Money: ?30 (+3 VPs)

The "Money" display line is very short compared to the others, you could center it (or whatever you feel like to do) to give some space for the additional information...?

Posted by pestaab 2009-03-19 05:22:22 GMT

I think an option may be just to add another line where the rules of the game are listed saying that the projected scores either do or do not include points generated from remaining cash at the end of the game. Especially since this setting can now change from game to game at the creator's choice.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-03-19 10:12:15 GMT

It doesn't change from game to game at the creator's choice, though. It is an option that affects only how a game appears to you personally. You and another player in the same game might be using completely different settings.

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