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How to develop a second time? How to use a single wild card first play?

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Posted by dave_heberer 2009-01-13 05:18:15 GMT

I'm trying to play the game and I find a couple of things I can't seem to do and I don't know why. And the system is terribly unforgiving for trying things out.

In the first case, I tried to develop as my first action. I select a card and the action develop and click submit move. It then informs me that I can develop a second time if I like or I can click 'Stop developing'. I pick the thing I'd like to develop and click submit. It takes two iron off the reserve, charges me for them, but only develops one tile (the one I picked). This doesn't seem right.

Also, as I read the rules and as the system seems to inform me, I can use my first industry tile play in the game using a single card to go anywhere I like. However, when I try to use a single card as a 'wild card' play it gives me an error that the tile I'm trying to place doesn't match the card I want to play. Is this right? I understood the rule to be that I may play my very first play as if I was taking the double card play described in the rules as being basically a wild card play. Am I incorrect?

Posted by renegade 2009-01-13 05:52:49 GMT

I just looked at both of your games and it appears that both times you developed, the tiles were removed properly. The log entry matches the tiles that were removed. Maybe you were looking at the wrong color?

You cannot use any card as a wild card to build anywhere on the board for your first build. What you can do is use an industry card to build on any city space with a MATCHING industry. For example, if you play a Coal Mine card as your first industry card, you could place your coal mine tile in an city with a coal mine symbol, such as Manchester.

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-13 13:53:41 GMT

The system is unforgiving yes, I'm sorry about that but it is how things are at the moment. I am planning to make changes to make the move interface slightly easier to use.

In both the games you are playing, your first move was to develop away first a Cotton Mill and then a Shipyard. Did you intend to develop away two Shipyards? You must remember that the drop-down box always defaults to "Cotton Mill".

As renegade says, the special "hasn't built a tile yet" status doesn't entitle you to use any card to build anywhere. It only allows you to use an industry card to build the named industry anywhere.

Posted by dave_heberer 2009-01-13 17:50:06 GMT

I will look and see if I missed a drop down box in the first action selection screen. I must have missed the drop down that asked me what tile I was developing away in the first selection.

Thanks for putting the site together, sorry I'm a whiner.

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