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Usuability - Saving Previous Choices

This thread is open.

Posted by renegade 2009-01-11 18:40:01 GMT

One little frustration with the current UI is when I click "Submit Move" and get a error, all of my selections are reset back to their defaults.

A nice improvement would be to not reset the current selections when an error occurs. Then I would usually only need to change one field (such as the coal source or city location) to fix the error condition.

As mentioned in another thread, the ideal solution would be to pre-validate rather than post-validate. By that I mean to restrict the set of available choices to match what is valid. For example, if coal for my rail link can only legally come from the Demand Track, don't display illegal options. Also, if I play a Lancaster card and choose "Build Industry", the location has to be either Lancaster 1 or Lancaster 2. No need to show all the locations on the map.

Thanks again.

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