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AUTOMATIC Array action to pay debt?

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Posted by phil 2009-01-09 20:38:38 GMT

In game Unity Games 001, during the first railway turn, the purple player started with $23. For his first action, he paid $7 and played the Lancaster card to build a port. For his second action, he spent $15 to build two railway links. But he also had to spend $1 apiece ($2 total) for the coal to build these links. His total expenses for the turn were $7 + $15 + $2 = $24, which is more than he had available. Is this allowed?

At the beginning of the next turn, the log file includes the message:

AUTOMATIC: Array sells 's unflipped Tech 2 Port on the 2nd space in Lancaster to pay off his debt.

Is this really in the rules?

Posted by Hammerite This user is an administrator. 2009-01-09 20:52:02 GMT

This is two different problems.

The first problem is that as you observe, the program for some reason allowed purple to spend more money than he had. I will try and find where the oversight is that allows players to do that.

The reason why purple's industry tile was sold off is that the rules say: if at the start of a round, after receiving income, a player has negative money, then he has to sell off his industry tiles on the board at half their value (rounding down) until he is solvent again. (Normally the only way this can happen is if a player has taken a loan and is paying interest on it.) In this case, purple only had one tile on the board, so the system automatically chose that tile and sold it for him. However, the message has gotten a bit garbled for some reason - it should say "Purple (The Blurbist) sells his..." instead of "Array sell 's..." I will fix this as well.

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