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Game details:

Created by:breator
Creation time:2020-04-13 14:23:32
Friendly or Competitive?Competitive
Game version:Brach'Ti (Northern France) (RicoH, DeMat')
Can be started by any player?No
Starts automatically on reaching capacity?Yes
Minimum number of players:4
Maximum number of players:4
Reverse Virtual Connection?No
Forbid the Canal Link to Scotland?No
Modified Coal Overbuild Rules?Yes
Initial Turn Order:Random
Talk Rules:No Restrictions
Time Limit A:28 hours
Time Limit B:3 days
These time limits indicate that the game's creator probably wants players to check the game at least once a day to make their moves. You should only join if you can make this commitment. Delaying for too long when it is your turn may result in your being kicked from the game.
Behaviour at Time Limit B:Downsize
Minimum Player Rating:None
Maximum Player Rating:None
Red: Miguelon
Yellow: normajean
Green: —
Purple: breator
Grey: —

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