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Jesien 34

Game details:

Created by:Bogdan_J
Creation time:2019-11-28 04:39:20
Friendly or Competitive?Competitive
Game version:Brach'Ti (Northern France) (RicoH, DeMat')
Can be started by any player?No
Starts automatically on reaching capacity?No
Minimum number of players:3
Maximum number of players:3
Reverse Virtual Connection?No
Forbid the Canal Link to Scotland?No
Modified Coal Overbuild Rules?Yes
Initial Turn Order:Random
Talk Rules:No Restrictions
Time Limit A:50 hours
Time Limit B:5 days
Behaviour at Time Limit B:Kick current player; subsequently downsize
Minimum Player Rating:100
Maximum Player Rating:6000
Red: Bogdan_J
Yellow: Vincent Coppola
Green: —
Purple: —
Grey: —

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